Monday, April 21, 2014


9/4/18 @VaudevilleMews w/ Big Business and Blood Spell

8/8/18 @VaudevilleMews w/ The Life and Times and Gleaner

6/28/18 @The Fremont w/ Aseethe and Heavy Gratitude

5/31/18 @Leftys w/ Sixes
4/21/18 @ Fremont w/ Laughing Falcon(NE)

4/11/18 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ S.N.A.F.U. and Broken Ones

4/4/18 @ Des Moines Yacht Club w/ Odd Pets and YMIR

12/22/17 @vaudeville mews W/ Broken Ones, Goldblums and X-muttsbandsomething

11/03/17 @ Leftys w/ Captured! By Robots

9/22/17 @ The Fremont w/ ZUUL(Album Release) and Goldblums

7/26/17 @Vaudeville Mews w/ Cantharone(MN) and Blood Spell

7/22/17 @ The Hook and Ladder (Minneapolis)w/ Zebulon Pike and TOTAL FUCKING BLOOD

7/21/17 @ Red Herring Lounge(Duluth) w/ Zebulon Pike and TOTAL FUCKING BLOOD

@Yacht Club Des Moines w/ Nostromo and Blood Spell

photo by Angelo Rossi

4/1/2017 @the Fremont w/ Telekinetic Yeti(record release) and Easy Fruit

3/18/2017 @ The Fremont with Nostromo for split 7"release

3/4/2017 @Leftys w/ Broken Ones and Quade

cancelled 2/24/17 @ the Record Mill (Ames) w/ Aseethe, Highgraves(MN) and Refrigerator

split with Nostromo on 5cm Recordings soon


12/31/16 @vaudeville mews w/ Quick Piss, Broken Ones, Vahnevants and Greg Wheeler and the Polygamist Mall Cops

test pressing for split 7" with NOSTROMO on 5cm Recordings

11/13/16 @Vaudeville Mews w/ Low Forms and The Wheelers and Easy Fruit

10/29/16 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Nostromo(cd tape release show), Men in Lead Masks 

10/8/16@ Vaudeville Mews w/ Ringworm(OH), Exalt and Closet Witch

9/26/2016 @ The Fremont w/ Child Bite(MI) and Goldblums

9/24/16 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ CR DICKS, Odd Pets and Mister Rockingham

9/16/16@ Gas Lamp w/ Longbottom Leaf

8/16/16 @ Fremont w/ Antique Scream,  Primal Breath and Where Man Once Stood

6/28/16 ALL AGES  @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Castle and Nostromo

6/11/16 Turf Club St Paul Mn. FALCON CREST RECORD RELEASE w/
Falcon Crest and STNNNG and Butchers Union

Sgot Brown made these

June 8 @ Fremont w/ Vampirates, Violent Knights and Hemann and the Hulks

4/27/16 April Residency at the Fremont

4/13/16 April Residency at The Fremont

4/6/16 April residencY at the Fremont

4/ 1/16 Yacht Club Iowa City w/ Zuul and Goldblums 

3/30/16 Vaudeville Mews March Residency with Eric Kennedy

3/23/16 Vaudeville Mews March Residency w MediumPenis and Quade

 3/19/16 Record Mill in Ames Iowa w/ Druids, Obsidian Sword and Closet Witch 

(Angelo Rossi photos)

3/16/16 Vaudeville Mews March Residency w/ Nostromo

(mostly Angelo Rossi photos)

 3/ 9/16 Vaudeville Mews March Residency w/ Longbottom Leaf

  3/ 2/16 Vaudeville Mews March Residency

(Angelo Rossi photos)

2/ 7/16 Duluth, MN w/Low Forms and Heaven's Gates Away Team, 

2/ 5/16 Foundry Pub St Paul, MN w/ STNNNG

 2/ 3/16 @Fremont public practice

 12/19/15 record release show @ the Fremont with Fetal Pig and The Wheelers

stolen from social media #skinofearth

10/7/15 test presses arrived and are approved

9/29/15 @ Fremont with Desir Decir(NJ) and the Blendours

9/25/15 @Leftys with Tyborn Jig and Goldblums

9/18/15 @underground rock shop w/Die Mutts, Traffic Death , Ghostbusters, Vk Violent knights, Hemann and the Hulks, Dark Mirror,  Primal Breath, Make Your Mark

9/2/15 @ The Fremont w/ North and Fetal Pig

 8/28/15 @ Vaudeville Mews w/Low Forms(MN) and Nostromo

8/16/15 @ Lefty's w/ S.N.A.F.U. ,Ghostbusters and Primal Breath

7/9/15 @  The Fremont w/ Alcohol Fueled(CAN) and Quade
7/1/15 @ Leftys w/Violent Knights and Make Your Mark

6/5/15 @ Gas Lamp w Screamin Jay & His Rebel Yell and We Tornados

(photo by Matt Baker)

4/19/15 recorded live at the Fremont for LP finally

4/9/15 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Lurking Corpses, Malas and Traffic Death

4/7/15 @ The Fremont w/ Vampirates(NV), Ghostbusters and Dark Mirror

3/16/15 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Moodie Black(MN) and Medium Penis

3/13/15 @ The Fremont w/ Demonikats

12/19/14 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ John the Bastard and Wych Elm

11/8/14 @ Vaudeville Mews the Des Moines 4 Track Compilation Vol.1 record release show

The Des Moines 4 Track Compilation Vol​.​1


  • This compilation features 13 Des Moines bands recorded from April 2013-Feb. 2014, on a Tascam MKII 4 Track Cassette Portastudio.
    Comes packaged in a beautifully screen printed black & white sleeve illustrated by John Huffman. Package also contains a full download of the LP, liner notes and a collage.

    shipping out on or around 08 November 2014
    edition of 500                      

The Seed Of Something - Black Friday

Mantis Pincers - Black Capes On Blondes

John The Bastard - No Sympathy

The French Dials - Bo(a)rders

Dresden Style - Canna What?

Wolves In The Attic - Last Call

Druids - Spirit Compass

Love Songs For Lonely Monsters - Replacement

Fetal Pig - Good Job, Little Man

Skin of Earth - Genghis Kong

Eric Kennedy - Testimonial

Annalibera - Black Cat, White Cat

Gloom Balloon - Adopt A Highway


 All song copyrights owned by the individual bands.
copyright 2014 Sump Pump Records.

we play the all age show
Early show:
John the Bastard
Dresden Style
Fetal Pig
Skin of Earth
Love Songs for Lonely Monsters
Eric Kennedy...

Gloom Balloon

10/31/14 @ Fremont w/ La Armada(Chicago,IL), DARK MIRROR, Grifters, Hemann & the Hulks

10/8/14 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Wolf Blood(MN) and Bite My Tongue

7/5/14 @ VFW(Rapid City, SoDak) RapidCityFamilyPunkRockReunion w/ Log Jam, American heavy metal weekend, resin, disorderly, friends of Cesar Romero, mystery pills, dark nation, seeing red, cello solo, haw AA 

the westside

Wall Drug South Dakota
Dinosaur Park

58 minute cdr we took to Rapid City

Dinosaur Park portrait

7/1/14 @ Underground Rockshop w/Dirty Rotten All Stars, Nancy Grace Death Squad and Primal Breath 

6/17/14 @ Gas Lamp w/ Screamin J & His Rebel Yell



baby haysoos

6/2/14 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Muscle Worship(KS), CRTVTR(ITALY) and Resin Nest AA                                  

5/17/14 @ Kung Fu Tap and Taco w/ Mount Salem(IL)


t shirts-

5/4/14 @ the Fremont w/ Fetal Pig and Nest of Snakes
line up - Trevor, Joe, Rob, Andrew(except***)

4/30/14 @ Gas Lamp (DSM) w, Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy, Rachel Kate, Matthew James and Dr Dentist.                                                                                                                            

4/16/14 @ Underground Rockshop w/ Slow Children and Display Case AA

3/8/14 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Low Forms(MN), Tyborn Jig and Easy Fruit

2/16/14 @ House of Bricks w/ Minister Gabriel and the Absolute Society, Corpse and Crisis Child AA

2/10/14 @Vaudeville Mews w/ Ultra Bide, Goldblums, John the Bastard and Quick Piss

12/18/13 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Animal Mothers and Mountain Hum (Sioux City Pete cancelled)***(no Andrew)

11/7/13 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Vaz(NY), Animal Mothers

8/14/13 @ Underground Rockshop w/ Living Victim(NE) Die Mtts and Bite My Tongue AA

8/19/13 @ Underground Rockshop w/ Juicy Karkass, Ghostbuters

7/26/13 @ Alley Bar

6/12/13 @ Underground Rockshop w/ StinkBomb(MO), Die Mutts and Primal Breath AA

4/3/13 @ Underground Rocksho w/ In Defence(MN) AA

4/1/13 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Mutilation Rites, Inter Arma and John the Bastard

2/21/13 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Birthday Suits(MN) and MEdium Penis

1/9/13 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Arcanium and Agrinex

1/9/13 @UNdergrouond Rockshop w EGO, Super Powers and Wookie AA

11/11/12 @ Gas Lamp w/ Zebras(WI), Fetal Pig and Mad Wheel

10/21/12 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Early Graves, Ezra(NE) and VVVVVite VVomen

8/28/12 @ Underground Rockshop w/ Beneath Oblivion(OH) AA

8/13/12 @ Fremont w/Whiskey Dick(TX) Screaming Jay and TNT

8/12/12 @ Underground Rockshop MUTTFEST w/ Scarlet Isis and the Hookers, the Glashteens, Die Mutts, Nancy Grace Deathsquads and Tromatizer

6/26/12 w/ Vampirates

5/27/12 @ Vaudeville Mews w Sioux City Pete, Heaving Mass(IL) and Vatican Sweat

4/26/12 @ Fremont w/ the BODY and Omens

3/17/12 @ Fremont w/ MC Genetics, Sad Fucks, fetal Pig, Rylo, Shit Kickers, Screaming J ... sette-book



***36 page book featuring writings by Chris Besinger and Chris Harding Thorton, and art by Chris Fisher, Justin O'Connor, Peaceful Traveler, and Ethan Jones.***

***Compilation cassette featuring 13 bands.***
L.U.N.A.R. REVOLT - Beyond the Oort Cloud, Non-Brother
YUPPIES - It'll Put Itself Back Together
BABY TEARS - Several Storage Locations Filled Full With Hate
SKIN OF EARTH - Dinosaur Park
THIS IS MY CONDITION - Relaxed Oddness
SHAPE DENTER - Krosz Phire Holo-Diner
ED GRAY - Haunted Shoes
METAL TECH - House Sounds #1
STNNNG - Stnnngtown
NYMPH - U.F.O. Over Dome Rock
BOTTOM JOBS - Word Virus

3/8/12 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Labirinto(BRASIL) and Statocyst

1/21/12 @ Hull Ave Tavern w/ 6000 Wings and a Bended Bow

12/26/11 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Sioux City Pete and the Beggars and Tyborn Jig

11/29/11 @ Bombay Bicycle Club w/ Continental and EGO

11/25/11 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ TOTAL FUCKING BLOOD(MN), the Power Plant, Approaching Nain and DJ Richie Daggers

10/18/11 @Vaudeville Mews w/ Satanized(PA) and Statocyst

7/29/11 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Heaving Mass(IL), Druids and Mighty Accelerator
4/19/11 @ Underground(BAR) w/ Vampirates and Violent Knights

4/13/11 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Woodsman(CO) and Tjuantaja(CO)(first show with Andrew)****8

line up - Trevor, Joe, Rob

10/18/10 @ Underground w Amplified HEat(TX) and Those Long Shadowmen

9/12/10 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Judgement Day and We Repel Each Other

9/7/10 @ Blue Moose Blue Room(IA City) w Russian CIrcles(IL) and SHores of the Tundra

8/26/10 @ Whitelighting wherehouse(IA City) w Old Scratch Revival Singers, Supersonic Piss

8/25/10 @ Turf Club(St Paul MN) w/ TOTAL FUCKING BLOOD and Cadette

(trevor made breakfast. 1 dozen eggs, 1 can of spinach, 1 head of garlic and 1 can of bacon spam)

8/23/10 haw recording

8/22/10 @ T.R.E.A (Rapid City SD) w/ White Drugs and 4 other bands?

(Dinosaur Park)

8/21/10 @ BarBar (DenverCO) w Drip Fed, Black Acid Devil and Skrimshander

8/20/10 in a garage in Denver recorded

8/19/10 @ Old Curtis(Denver CO) w Page 27

8/18/10 @ Duffys(LincolnNE) w/ Baby Tears and Moistoid and the Dumps

8/9/10 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Black Acid Devil(CO), Creepy Kids, Animal Mothers and Borderline Insanity

7/5/10 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Waxeater, Golden Veins and Seed of Something

6/3/10 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Black Market Fetus, Juicey Karkass, Aeon Grey, Fallen, Dj Richie Daggers and the Jitz

5/30/10 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Nones(IL) and Statocyst

5/3/10 @ Underground w/ Rumbleseat Riot and 6000 Wings and a Bended Bow (Dans Birthday)

3/15/10 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Battlefields, Junius, Final Summation, Taciturn and Blutiger Fluss

2/14/10 @ Vaudeville MEws w/ All Rattle and Dust

10/21/09 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Struck By Lightning(OH) and 6000 Wings

9/21/09 @ vaudeville mews w/ the Chambermaids(MN), Noman(IL) and Brutus and the Psychedelic Explosions

9/20/09 @ Embassy Suites(tattoo convention) w/ El Dorados

7/16/09 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Burn Heavy(CO) and Orville Sash

7/6/09 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Francis Harold and the Holograms and Statocyst

5/13/09@ vaudeville Mews w/ Bison BC(CAN), Druids, Crusher of Souls and Borderline Insanity

5/1/09 @ Haunted Basement w/ Faggot(MN), Schwarm(CO) and Die Mutts

4/21/09 @ Haunted Basement w/ Skeletonbreath(NY), Beati Paoli and California Suns

3/15/09 @ Old Curtis Street Tavern(Denver CO) w/ Capitalist Casualties and lots more/

3/13/09 @ Blast-O-Mat(DenverCO) w/ Burn Heavy, Old Timer.....

1/16/09 @ Vaudeville Mews (as BEASTFUCK) w/ The Rest is Noise and Statocyst

12/6/08 @ Beechwood Lounge Memorial tribute to Willie Ogg with Mutts nd Knuckled Down

line up - Trevor, Joe, Rob

11/29/08 @ Medusa(MPLS) w/ TOTAL FUCKING BLOOD, Vampire Hands, Supersonic Piss and Guystorm

11/13/08 @ vaudeville Mews w/ The Blind Shake(MN)

10/22/08 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Zoroaster

8/22/08 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Weedeater and Black Cobra

7/15/08 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Amplified Heat(TX), The Protomen(IL) and The Mutts

7/6/08 @ Haunted Basement w/ Hennes Siste Hoest(ND), Stastis Death(KS?) and Colonizer

7/3/08 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Girl in a Coma

6/4/08 @ Big V's(StPaulMN) w/ Sod Hauler(WA), KillMoshFuckDestroy and Faggot

6/3/08 @ Cube House(MPLS) w/ Sod Hauler(WA), KillMoshFuckDestroy and Cokskar

5/29/08 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Thrones and The Autumn Project

Busted Ass Whip
cdr 50 copies

lineup for these Trevor(except*), Joe, Rob, Tj(except**)

3/21/08 @ Haunted Basement w/ Dead Commuter(KS) and Shores of Tundra(Ia City)

3/7/08 @ Haunted Basement w/ Knife World(MN) ...&?

2/17/08 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Black Market Fetus without Sourvein or Zoroaster showing up **

1/26/08 @ Luckys 1119 Grand Ave Des Moines Iowa. Last night of business before being demolished for a wellmark parking garage.


Jeff Wright
(  )

11/2/07 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Taciturn(cd release), wreckage of the Modern City and By the Beard of Zeus

10/20/07 @ house of bricks w/ Gunship666(Japan), Six Past Hell(TX)**

10/30/07 @ Alley Bar w/ Tyborn Jig, The Mutts, Torpedo Darlings, The Afterdarks, Haze the Hides and Lookout Loretta

9/9/07 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Aeon Grey, Arise, Devilfish and Funks G

8/10/07 @ Danger House(DM) w/ American Ghost Band, The Krooks, Beastial Lust, Disgusting Noise Garbage, Assassinate, Plopp, Danny Tanner and the Sage Troopers, Titchiba, Defenestrations, Funender & Deep Sleep Waltzing *

line up for these Trevor(except*), Joe, Tj

6/19/07 @ Hairy Marys w/ The Lord Weird Slough Feg and Motogrind AA

6/13/07 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Big Business and Tyborn Jig AA

5/18/07 @ Hairy Marys w Monsters of Pot, Jason Wade Experience

5/5/07 @ Hairy Marys w/ TOTAL FUCKING BLOOD(MN) and Monstro(DM)

4/14/07 @ Hairy Marys DOGBEAR party w/ Fallen, Gaiden Gadema, Blocko and Dj Richie Daggers

3/20/07 @ Hairy Marys w/ Black Elk(PDX)

3/17/07 @ Vaudeville Mews UNDER THE MICROSCOPE VOL3 CROURS::: FREE CD COMP AT THE DOOR w/ Blocko, Beati Paoli, Deep Sleep Waltzing and Killmesara

1/26/07 @ Hairy Marys w/ Monsters of Pot(MN) and Mojo Spleens(mn)

12/1/06 @ HOuse of Bricks w/ Autumn Project, Taciturn and God Blessed Ignorance

10/24/06 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Warhammer 48K(MO) and Autumn Project

9/4/06 @ Vaudeville Mews w/ The Slats(MN)

8/14/06 @ Vaudeville mews w/?

8/5/06 @ Vaudeville Mews as BEASTFUCK w/ Beard of Zeus & combining both bands +

Screaming Jay

6/23/06 @ Hairy Marys as Sympathy Fuck* w/ the Ladle AA

6/18/06 @ Hairy Marys w/ Pearls and Brass and Tyborn Jig

5/19/06 @ House of Bricks w/ Face Down in Shit(NC)

5/14/06 @ Dialogue Temple w/ Burial YEar(CA) and TOTAL FUCKING BLOOD(MN)

5/11/06 @ Hairy Marys w/ Ocean(ME), Autumn Project and This Dialogue AA*

5/6/06 @ Practice Space(AMES) w/ Dead Science, Autumn Project and Old Scratch Revival Singers

4/29/06 @ Hairy Marys w/ Pinebox

4/21/06 @ Hairy Marys w The Body(RI)

4/13/06 @ Hairy Marys w/ Fallen, Beard of Zeus and Die MUtts

4/4/06 @ Hairy Marys w/ Earthride and Gates of Slumber

2/11/06 @ Mala(MPLS) w/ Black Market Fetus, Knife World and Wrath

2/10/06 @ Hairy Marys w/ Unidentified Suspects and Tubring AA

1/21/6 @ Vaudeville Mews UNDERTHEMICROSCOPE VOL2 NOVA w/ Paul Moses, Dj Dyrekt, Horseshoe Spatulas, Tyborn Jig

12/23/05 @ House of Bricks w/ Autumn Project, Oh Possum and Taciturn

12/10/05 @ Vaudeville Mews e/ Unidentified Suspects, Surreal, Shrill, Fallen..?

11/27/05 @ Hairy Marys w/ Requiem(NC), Shrill, Race to the Bottom

11/7/05 @ Hairy Marys w/ Stinking Lizaveta(PA)

10/29/05 @ Hairy Marys HUNGER PAINS 10TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW w/ Hunger Pains, Black Market Fetus, Wasteoid(NE), The Emerald(MN), Unidentified Suspects, Big Handful, Creepy Kids, Among the Living

10/26/05@ Vaudeville Mews w/ Autumn Project and Places

10/11/05 @ Vaudeville Mews as Sympathy Fuck*w/ Kayo Dot(Boston)

9/30/05 @ Hairy Marys w/ Tyborn Jig and Flesh Keys

9/10/05 DOGTOWN Fest w/ Tyborn Jig, Ben Eaton, Taciturn, Envy Corps and Sword of Exactly

8/18/05@ Hairy Marys w/ Totimoshi, Walken, Hightower and the Knot Wells

8/10/05 @ Hairy Marys w/ Syrbis(Chicago) and Jason Sturges

7/9/05 @ Hairy Marys w/ Sicbay(MN) and Sword of Exactly

6/12/05 @ House of Bricks w/ Faggot(MN)

5/30/05 @ Hairy Marys w/ Form of Rocket(UT)

5/29/05 @ Vaudeville Mews (balcony) MELISSAS GOING AWAY PARTY w/ Hunger Pains, Autumn Project, Black Market Fetus, Unidentified Suspects and Hombrinus Dudes

5/15/05 @ Hairy Marys BUMDICK NICKEL WEINER NIGHT TJS BIRTHDAY w/ Debris INc, Hunger Pains and some other bands Tj was too drunk to remember

3/30/05 @ Hairy Marys w/ Dysrhythmia and Yakuza

3/?//05 @ old house of bricks by ourselves

2/5/05 @ Hairy Marys as BEASTFUCK w/ Mandarin and Waiting to fall or bleed or something? and Destrophy

1/22/05 @ Hairy Marys as BEASTFUCK w/ Dripsonic, etc.

12/25/04 @ Hairy Marys as BEASTFUCK

these have Trevor(except*), Joe and Scott Brown

3/27/04 @ Metric House (MN) w/ The Rick, Vets and Church of Gravitron(NE)*

3/24/04 @ Uptown Bar(MPLS) w/ Huge Rat Attacks and More Material*

3/4/04 @ MALA(MPLS) w/ Thieves, Hot Tony and Knife World*

2/12/04 @ MALA w/ Claire De Lune, Endahl and Icollide*

1/16/04 @ Big Vs(StPaul) w/ Creepy Feelings, Happy Mothers Day I Cant Read and Hopestick

12/27/03 @ Big Vs w/ Dynamus, Ova! and Hopestick

12/12/03@ Dundons Palace of Confusion as WHISKEY MOUNTAIN w/ Happy Mothers Day I Cant Read, Your Lord and the Infinite Sould Tribe and Vasco

11/9/03 @ Mala w/ Teeth of the Hydra(OH), Hunger Pains(IA) and Underwater Birth

10/31/03 @ East Side Marks(STPAUL) w/ Falcon Crest and Good Morning

10/18/03 @ Big Vs w/ Stinking Lizaveta, Boxcar Satan and Ouija Radio

9/19/03 @ Babylon(MPLS) w/ Sicbay, Zebulon Pike and Neglected Receptors

9/11/03 @ Big Vs w/ Thieves, The Stick Up and Ten Extra Pounds

7/24/03 @ Hairy Marys(DM) w/ Wormwood(WA)

7/23/03 @ Babylon w/ Wormwood(WA), Outside the Fences and Victim

7/12/03 @ House party w/ Rotten Living, Thieves and rotten livers(us and thieves)*

6/27/03 @ The Church w/ Rise or Writhe(NE), The Stunning and Seawhores

5/10/03 @ West Bank School of Art(MN) w/ Thieves, USAISAMONSTER and Face Down in Shit

5/9/03 @ House party w/ Thieves and others?

4/26/03 @ Eclipse Records(stPaul) w/ Falcon Crest and Pariah Caste(CO)

4/25/03 @ Rossmor Bldg(Stpaul) w/ the summer people

4/21/03 @ Big Vs w/ Rwake(AR) and Thieves

4/4/03 @ Seward Café w/ Mahkato and Outside the Fences

3/22/03 @ Eastside Marks w/ Seawhores and Noodles

3/21/03 @ Hairy Marys w/ Bongzilla

3/15/03 @ Eclipse Records w/ Church of Gravitron(NE) and the Rick

3/10/03 @ Hairy Marys w/ Blessing the Hogs

2/1/03 @ Ralphs Corner Bar(FARGO ND) w/ Seawhores

1/17/03 @ Hairy marys w/ Falcon Crest and Hunger Pains

1/17/03 @ Hairy Marys w/ 7.62, On a Pale Horse and Hunger Pains (Early show AA)

1/9/03 @ Big Vs w/ Monument Valley and Satan on the Loose

11/15/02 @Hairy Marys(DSM) w/ Devil Inside, Feathers are Beautiful and others?.

11/15/02 @ Fallout Shelter(Des Moines) w/ Down to Zero and Hunger Pains

11/14/02 @Junkbox(OmahaNE) w/ Goblin Grenade and Jason Wade Experience

11/9/02 @ House Party MilwaukeeWI w/ Brewzirkus and Jason Wade Experience

11/7/02 @ Corral(? Madison WI) w/ Neon Hunk and Jason Wade Experience

11/4/02 @ Big Vs w/ Sparkles(Denver) and Noodles

10/7/02 @ Big Vs w/ Jumbos Kill Crane and The Stick Up

6/25/02 @ Big Vs w/ Falcon Crest and Wicketran

6/00/02 @ Sursumcorda w/ No Doctors, Your Lord and Infinite Soul Tribe and Noodles

3/24/02 @ The Church w/ Seawhores and Vaz*

9/30/01 @pretzelvania(StPaul) w/ Fuck God In the Face(OR), Ahimsa(OR) and Jason Wade Experience

these shows are Pyramids of Mars Skin of Earth, with Trevor, Joe, Rob Ogg on drums, Jay Lenihan on bass(sometimes) and Jeremy Jones singing(sometimes)

other names were pyramid, molly hatchetwound, 50317, sympathy fuck, the symbol for the star of david, F.V.K., set the controls for the heart of the sun

there are some shows missing also

1/9/01 @ Red Sea(MPLS) w/ California Girls and Glowstrand

12/2/00 @ Cyber Cue(Rochester MN) w/ California Girls, Blue Motive and Chromatic Black

10/31/00  @ Vons House Halloween Party w/ a cooler full of liquor

9/26/00 @ Inferno w/ Resin and The Pee Pee Sandwiches(SD)

9/20/00 @ Inferno w/ Initial Detonation and Pontius Pilate

9/9/00 @ Terminal Bar w/ Screenh!t and Wo

8/?/00 @ Inferno w/ Big Fuckin Skull

7/?/00 @ Inferno w/ Onward to Mayhem

1/39/00 @ Inferno(MPLS) w/ Bongzilla and Cohort

1/22/99 @ Big Vs w/ Screenh!t and Slush Puppy Bush

we started playing practicing in sept of 98